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Obstetric Services of the Women’s Hospital

If you’re planning a pregnancy, the obstetric services of the women’t hospital at North Mississippi Medical Center are the place to go. Located in Tupelo, this freestanding hospital provides advanced services and cutting-edge technology in an elegant home-like environment. Expecting parents will appreciate the compassionate care they receive. Read on to learn more about their services. Here are some things to consider before choosing a hospital for your pregnancy.

Among the services offered at Women’s HealthCare are preconception counseling, evaluation, and management of pregnancy. A team of three board-certified physicians offers comprehensive maternal care and expert medical and surgical care. For women at high risk for severe morbidities, obstetric services provide comprehensive care. This includes highly complex obstetric conditions such as placenta accreta syndrome, gestational diabetes, and severe heart disease.

In the US, women can get prenatal care

The level of care should be coordinated across all facilities to minimize maternal morbidity and mortality. The quality of maternal health care depends on the ability of regional facilities to meet the needs of pregnant women and new mothers. A hospital must be equipped with sufficient resources for common obstetric complications. A hospital should collaborate with a subspecialty center or multiple institutions within a region to provide comprehensive care. The state and regional authorities should also work together with regional perinatal health care providers to create a coordinated system of care.

For many women, access to high-quality maternity care is key to good health. Accredited women’s hospitals and birth centers provide the needed maternity care for most pregnant women across the United States. Additionally, they often serve women in underserved or rural areas. Having access to affordable obstetric care helps women remain in their communities. Closing low-volume hospitals can have counterproductive health implications, including increased health disparities.

Women can get their prenatal care, gynecological surgery, and a full range of surgical procedures at the Inova Women’s Hospital. Some minor procedures can be performed in the office, while others require a surgical hospital. Moreover, ultrasounds are available to ensure the health of the mother and baby. In addition to providing excellent health care, the hospital’s gynecology department also offers many other services for women, including fertility treatment.

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